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Twinstone Ranch

Then & Now

We are a family-owned ranch in DFW.


Our enclosed arena is a piece of Fort Worth history. Having been used as part of the Fort Worth Will Rogers Memorial, the 8th Barn Arena served the Forth Worth area until it was remodeled in the 1980's. The previous owner, Mr. Pratt Phillips, moved the arena from Fort Worth onto its final resting place where it still stands today in Burleson. For years, it was used as an event center to hold rodeos and small equestrian competitions. After Mr. Phillips passed away, it was used as a cattle ranch until it was sold to us.


Our idea is to provide a family-oriented, peaceful and relaxing environment along with livestock and all of the great things nature has to offer. We are proud to be farmers and ranchers. Currently we specialize in pasture-raised chicken eggs, milk, cheese, cattle, sheep, pecans and some vegetables.

If you would like to buy any of our produce, you can give us a call to make an appointment to stop by the ranch or you can use our online ordering system and pickup when the items are ready. 

Please call/text/email us ahead of time to make sure we have what you would like before coming out.

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