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Saturdays  10am to 6pm

Sundays  10 am to 5pm

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Woman in Corn Field
Fall Season
Fall is Here! 

The ranch is open Saturdays and Sundays throughout the fall for some big family fun!

Come enjoy the rural atmosphere and bring the family to see the animals and get a hay ride. Now the kids and teens can also enjoy ATV races, our newest addition to the ranch.

For the adults, come and enjoy some pajaretes, the stress free environment, and the food. We have tacos every Saturday and Sunday this month!

Ranch Fall Hours

Order Pickup: Mon thru Sun 9am to 7pm

Fall Hours: Saturday  10am to 6pm

                      Sunday     10am to 5pm

Things to Do

For the Whole Family

Hay Rides

Come and enjoy the fall attractions! A staple in the fall season, hay rides are fun for the whole family. Take a break from playing with the kids and come see the lake, ride under there pecans and learn about ranch life. Kids and adults will have a blast riding around the ranch. 


This spooky season ranch activity is a classic! We designed a 6 acre maze for you to get lost in and find your way out. Find the hidden scarecrows and ghosts in the maze while you make some family memories. 

ATV Races

Come and enjoy our new race track! Kids and teens 10-18 yrs can race to see who is the fastest driver. 

Train Rides

For the little ones that want to have some fun but may not be old enough to ride the ATV's, we have a train to take them around the ranch. 

For the Adults


Just like in Mexico, come and enjoy this traditional ranch drink under the shade. We have everything you need to make it, the only thing you need to bring is yourself!

For the Whole Family

Food (Sundays and Sundays)

Come and enjoy some delicious Carne Asada or Barbacoa tacos with the family. This fall season we are also having menudo bowls! We have water, tea, soda and other drinks for y'all to enjoy with the food.


Because this is a ranch, you will be able to enjoy a stress free time while you visit us. The kids can play throughout the ranch and have plenty of space to run and meet other kids while the adults can watch them and relax.

Seasonal Events

We have some fun events for this Fall and Winter Season!

Pumpkin Field
Fall Season
Spooktacular Weekends 

As the days get cooler and the nights get chilly, we start to think of pumpkins and family feasts. The fun-packed fall season events have begun!


Check out more details here

Christmas Lights
Winter Season
Christmas Events 

Nothing brings the family together like Christmas celebrations and fun light shows! Stay tuned for more details coming at the end of fall.

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